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WATCH: Family Calls For Criminal Investigation After Son is Tased 2 Dozen Times, Dies Days Later

TULSA, Okla. – The family of Joshua Harvey is demanding a criminal investigation after police tased him more than times. Harvey, 25, died three days later.

The officers have not been officially accused of any wrong doing, but the family’s attorney wants District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler to take over the investigation.

Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons says they’re not happy with the results of the investigation into Harvey’s death.

In August, police say Harvey was acting strangely downtown, taking off his clothes. Officers followed him into a bank where they say he broke a door with his head. According to the Tulsa Police Department’s use-of-force report, officers tased him about 25 times in three minutes.

Harvey, who had a history of mental illness, died three days later.

Solomon-Simmons says he was tased an unreasonable number of times, contrary to the police department’s policies, especially since he was unarmed.

“They did not do their jobs,” said Solomon-Simmons. “They broke the laws when they excessively, unnecessarily and illegal tased him 27 times in a period of approximately two minutes.”

The department’s use-of-force report did not find any wrong doing. The autopsy report is not yet complete and a cause of death has not been released.

In response to the Harvey family’s request for further investigation, police released a statement saying they continue to wait for the medical examiner’s report to determine if additional investigation is warranted.