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Dallas Police and DA Haven’t Released Amber Guyger 911 Call in the Fatally Shooting Death of Botham Jean

The latest news out of Dallas concerning the Botham Jean case is officials may be intentionally withholding the 911 call former police officer Amber Guyger. The Dallas Morning News reported Tuesday, “An attorney for the city said in a letter dated Monday that the Dallas Police Department and Dallas County district attorney’s office are asking Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to allow them to withhold the 911 recording requested by The Dallas Morning News.”

“Assistant City Attorney Pavala Armstrong wrote that releasing the information would interfere with the investigation into the Sept. 6 shooting.”

The decision to not make the 911 call public is just one of the questionable moves by law enforcement following the fatally shooting.

One of those decisions was the local Dallas Fox affiliate reported the discovery of marijuana in Jean’s apartment. Critics and activists believe this was an attempt to degenerate Jean’s character. Another questionable move to allow Amber Guyger to move out of her own apartment before police could execute any of the five warrants the court issued to search her home.

Not to mention the three-day delay in arresting the former Dallas police officer. This case still has many unanswered questions that don’t seem to be getting answered any time soon.