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WATCH: Georgia Officer Who Ran Over Suspect With Patrol Car Prosecutors Determine He Broke No Laws

Georgia police officer who was fired in June after body camera footage showed him pursue and hit a Black man with his police cruiser prosecutors determine he did not break the law.

According to initial reports in June officer, Taylor Saulters with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department was attempting to serve a warrant for a probation violation to Timmy Patmon. Once Saulters and his partner arrived on the scene, Patmon started to run.

Thus, a chase ensued as Saulters pursued Patmon in his patrol car. The chase ended rather quickly resulting in Saulters hitting Patmon with his cruiser.

After being silent on the matter for three months former Athens-Clarke County officer Taylor Saulters spoke to WSB-TV.

“When it all happened, I had to move because I was receiving death threats,” Saulters said. A special prosecutor cleared him of any wrongdoing Friday afternoon the ABC-affiliated reported.

“I’m still in shock a little bit. I feel like there’s been a heavy burden lifted off of me and my family’s shoulders,” Saulters said. Saulters was asked did he still stand by his actions, “Oh, I do 100 percent. I feel I did nothing wrong.”

In June then-Athens police Chief Scott Freeman defended his decision to fire Saulters, despite the investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was incomplete.

At the time Freeman said, “The internal affairs review found that he had used excessive force.”

Freeman resigned in Sept. but it is unclear if his resignation is due to his decision to fire Saulters.

Attorney Philip Holloway told WSB-TV, “The police department, in particular former Chief Freeman, has basically dropped the ball. They didn’t do the investigation. The state of Georgia did it, and they did it right.”

In a letter from the special prosecutor called Saulters’ actions “reasonable and in accordance with law.”

Saulters is now working as a deputy in Oglethorpe County.

“My family has been put through a lot with this, and to have this kind of news is a blessing for me and my family to have some closure to tie all this in together,” Saulters said.

Watch full body camera video below.