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Texas Rangers Charge Kaufman County Constable’s Deputy With Perjury

KAUFMAN, Texas — After a nearly month long investigation, the Texas Rangers have charged, arrested, and prosecuted a Kaufman County Pct. 4 Deputy Constable for perjury in less than a day.

Grant Cousins, of Crandall, turned himself in to officials on Monday morning after an arrest warrant had been signed by 86th District Judge Casey Blair. After a brief booking at the Kaufman County jail, he was released on a personal recognizance bond to appear before a judge immediately as part of a prearranged deal with the District Attorney’s office.

Cousins was taken before outgoing county court at law Judge Dennis Jones where he was ordered to six months probation and the surrender of his peace officer’s license.

“This deal bypassed the opportunity for the case to be presented to the grand jury,” a source who is familiar with the deal told, although they are not authorized to speak on the case.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by, Deputy Cousins was initially accused of official oppression by a female who was detained by the Kaufman County Sheriff’s office on traffic warrants on August 16.

The Kaufman County Sheriffs office turned over the investigation to the Texas Rangers after the woman revealed to investigators that she had engaged in oral sex with Deputy Cousins at a Kaufman County gravel pit.

The woman’s name was released in the affidavit; but will not be reported by this outlet.

According to the affidavit, Deputy Cousins told the Rangers that he had initiated a relationship with the woman to use her as an informant. Cousins admitted that he had texted the female and some of their correspondence may have been “flirtatious”.

Cousins confirmed that he had picked up the woman at an Exxon station to drive around and look at possible active narcotics locations in the county. During their drive Cousin alleges that the woman shared with him nude photos of herself, but Cousins “did not become aroused”, the affidavit says.

Cousins could not explain to investigators why the GPS on his patrol unit had become disconnected during the encounter.

Deputy Cousins told investigators that they did travel to a gravel pit, yet no oral sex occurred, and it was only to allow his K-9 partner to use the bathroom.

After the Rangers questioned Deputy Cousins about DNA evidence that was recovered from the driver’s side door of his patrol unit, he responded that he “sometimes masturbates before work” and it could possibly be “transfer” semen it says in the affidavit.

Precinct 4 Constable Chad Jones told Monday evening that Deputy Cousins has been on administrative leave since August 20 when he was informed of an impending investigation. Cousins officially resigned from his position Monday morning prior to his surrender. Deputy Cousins had been working as a K-9 narcotics officer for Kaufman county since leaving the Ellis County Sheriff’s department.

Deputy Cousins had also served as the assistant fire chief of the city of Crandall prior to his arrest. His name and information has since been removed from the department’s website.

The Kaufman County District Attorney’s office has not responded to request for official comment as of press time. has learned that Deputy Cousins had already met with Kaufman County adult probation at the courthouse Monday afternoon, according to witnesses.