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WATCH: Cops Beat Restrained Michigan Man Unconscious, Causing Vision Loss in Left Eye

December 7, 2016

A Michigan man says he was restrained by police and beaten so badly that he lost consciousness and can no longer fully see with his left eye.

Frankie Taylor was arrested for drunken driving in Detroit suburb Eastpointe last August, and said that officers made him sit in a restraint chair after he fell down during booking.

A lawsuit filed earlier this year says that one officer put on a rubber glove before hitting Taylor with a closed fist at least 10 times as he lost consciousness.

Video obtained by WBJK shows an officer with a glove repeatedly hitting the restrained man as someone says “stop resisting.”

Taylor says there was no justifiable reason for hitting him, as he was fully strapped into the chair and posed no risk of either becoming violent or running away.

His lawyer Jim Rasor told the Daily News that even after his client was knocked out, he was not taken to the hospital but shipped over to jail before the nurse there said that he had to be taken to the emergency room.

Taylor previously had an implant in his eye for glaucoma, and his lawyer said that the beating dislodged it and caused permanent partial vision loss.

Taylor and his lawyers say he has permanently lost vision in his left eye.

“It is a textbook into how to inflame a situation and turn an ordinary arrest into a life-changing severe debilitating injury,” Rasor said of the officers’ conduct.

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The suit asks for an unspecified amount of money greater than $75,000 in addition to attorney fees and punitive damages.